World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines

World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines

Funny WOW Pick Up Lines

World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines

Hey, I have a tail, let’s do it.

I’ve heard that you are an Epic mount.

I lost that duel because I was distracted by your beauty.

I got my arrow pointed at you.

I just ctrl clicked you, and you look really good on me!

Can I raid your molten core?

Baby, you must be a raider, ’cause that ass is EPIC!

My staff can use a little enchant. I have mats and will tip!

Hey, do you need my Healing Touch?

Are you a vendor, because I’d like to browse your goods.

Nice pants, baby. What’s the drop rate?

Wow Pick Up LInes

Baby, I hope you can use 2-handers!

I lost my guild, can I join yours?

Oh baby your Tier Set would look awesome on my Magnificent Flying Carpet!

Us druids are known for our longevity.

Wanna take my Swift Pink Hawkstrider for a ride?

Hey Girl, do ya wanna socket my gem?

Is that a [King Snake] in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Looking for Group!

Why don’t you seduce me? My resistance is low.

Your eyes are so blue, they remind me of 24 stam gems.

You can summon my Imp!

You make me quiver in delight.

My Heart is BOP and you just rolled Need!

Looks you are on the hunt. For me.

I’m no Kobald, but you can take my candle anytime!

World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines - Classic Pick Up Lines

My love for you is like my quiver of arrows. Endless.

You must be whitemane, because you just made my champion arise!

Yeah, that’s right… I’m hung like a tauren.

Baby, being with me is like a Paladin casting Divine Shield. It’ll last about 10 seconds and you won’t feel a thing.

Let me be your Journey’s End.

Baby I got readiness, I can go twice in one night.

I bet you can tame my beast.

Look! I tamed a cougar.

I’ve been tracking you.

Want to see my pet turtle?

My Beast Within only comes out for your Snake Trap.

I’ve got three wyrms of varying sizes!

Wanna see Loyalty Level 7?

Don’t worry ladies, I’m specced into Longevity so my Ravager can ravage more often!

My arrows arn’t the only pointy things that I have.

World of Warcraft Pick-Up Lines - Classic Pick Up Lines

Don’t worry, baby, my serpent don’t sting.

That’s not all I’m healing.

Check out my spec, max Endurance and Improved Steady Shot.

Do I have a shot with you?

You fell right into my trap.

Baby, you take my breath away. *feign death*

What flavor of totem do you want?

Do I make you Thorny!

Want to touch my totem?

Is that a totem in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

I’m into anything. Just try me. I won’t judge you.

Wow, you look stunning tonight.

Mind if I steal a kiss?

I don’t need to stun lock you to keep you from running.

My divine purpose is to please you.

I like to play in the shadows.

Classic Pick Up Lines - WOW

You don’t need pickup lines when you can stunlock!

Wanna see what you can do while stunned?

I might be the thief, but you stole my breath away.

Wait till you see what my combo points can do in the bed room.

You can’t see me, but you will feel me.

I have more stamina than your average caster.

I noticed you were sitting alone for a while. I’m desperate, too.

I have a dark side and you need to straighten me out.

Don’t stand so close, I can’t do anything while stunned.

I would eat your soul, but you already stole my heart.

So you’re into leather?

I’ve got the intellegence and stamina to go all night.

Druids do it in the wild.

Hey baby I’m a force of nature.

You’re a dreamstate come true!

World of Warcraft Pick-Up Lines

Just because I am in tree form, does not mean you gave me a woody!

Why don’t you climb on this tree baby.

Did you like my Empowered Touch?

So your boyfriend has lil’ twig and berries huh?, Don’t worry babe I have a trunk.

So I hear female druids make wood grow.

Lets Hibernate.

Moonfire isn’t the only thing I can do that quickly.

Hey baby, this beak ain’t the only pecker pointed at you.

Ever wonder whats under the feathers?

I am a priestitute.

Now that I’m in your pocket what ELSE would you like me to heal?

Hi, I’m a healer!

I don’t play by the book. Lets go!

Can I get a heal? I just took damage falling for you.

Visit my temple any time you want!

Let me stoke out your holy fire.

We can go all night long till we both Surge of Light.

I’ll be your Gaurdian Spirit.

World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines image 2

Hush. We call it a Circle of Healing.

Would you like to feel my Surge of Light?

Alright woman this is my Last Stand.

I’m almost there, don’t Interrupt!

Here, have Vigilance, you’ll need it.

You been Bladestorming in my mind all night long.

They keep nerfing me, because of how much damage I deal.

I prefer to use my skills up close and personal.

I can’t use a wand, but I’ll use everything else.

What stance do you want?

You want to see my Improved Wand?

You light my Inner Fire.

I’m so good I can make you float on thin air.

I got bubbles for protection and Cure Disease just in case.

Your Inner Fire is going to need way more than 32 charges.

Everyone knows we don’t need pick-up lines, every good paladin knows how to use his hands.

Are you Ghostcrawler? Cause You’re not answering my question.

Yeah I see you eyeballing my Mount. No worries, It’s free.

Let me bless you with my Might.

I saw you inspecting my gear and I have to tell you my mace isn’t the only 2-hander I have.

I don’t need my Seal of Command, to have my way with you.

If you feel really naughty, I’ll even show you my Hammer of Wrath.

Are you free tonight? Or will it cost me a rune?

I came back for you.

Drop the Zero and get with the Hero.

Do you feel the magic?

I have extreme Bow Staff Skills!

Can I Conjure you a drink?

I can roll steady all night without running out of energy baby.

Am I falling for you or are you Mind Controlling me off a cliff?

Did you Slow Fall your way down from heaven?

I knew from the moment I met you that you were max level Enchanting.

You should get closer; you’re out of melee range!

You lifegripped my heart from the moment our eyes met.

If I could mind control you, I’d make you bubble yourself.

I want to divine touch you from head to toe.

Your beauty has a vampiric embrace on me.

I see you gem for beauty and intellect!

If I were an herbalist, I’d pick you.

I just got a +stamina enchant on my glowing brightwood staff!

World of Warcraft Pick Up Lines

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